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We are based in Southern California.

Serving all of California, Great Britain, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Our Offices are located in Pasadena.

(626) 689-4004  

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"We are the Dreamers of Dreams" - Rold Dahl

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Please contact us for additional information and to receive our Packages PDF, which includes a thorough description of each package - including pricing.




(626) 689-4004





Our Studio and offices are located in the heart of Pasadena. We have 800 square feet of Studio space and the goal of our Studio is to be a comfortable, relaxing space for you to experience numerous ideas and inspirations for your special day. Our offices are next door, where we’ll meet for planning meetings - such as your Welcome Meeting, Progress Meeting, and Master Timeline Meeting.  Utilizing various technologies, each meeting will be productive, engaging, and will leave you feeling empowered, enthused, and on-track.

We Can't Wait to Hear from You!